Must-Haves for a Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom Tile Design

Learn how to mix and match the key elements of Mediterranean design to create your own look.

Must-Haves for a Mediterranean-Inspired Bathroom Tile DesignMediterranean-inspired design is one of the hottest new trends in bathroom renovations. Successfully achieving this design depends in large part on choosing the right tile for the job.

A traditional Mediterranean design would include all the following elements:

  • Color: Mediterranean colors echo the tones of the landscape along the bright and arid coastlines of Spain, Italy, and Morocco. So naturally, rich blue tones feature prominently. But warm browns, yellows, and even lavender shades can also fit naturally into a Mediterranean design.
  • Shape: Unless you are using small mosaic tiles, you probably will be breaking “out of the box” of square or rectangular tiles and embracing other shapes like fans and various types of arabesques. This is where you really feel the influence of Morocco on Mediterranean tile.
  • Texture: Because Mediterranean design is informed by hundreds of years of history, a bit of a distressed or vintage look is often desirable. Hand-painted decorative tile can fill this need in Mediterranean bathroom tile design.

Today’s Mediterranean-inspired bathrooms are mixing and matching these traditional elements with more modern elements to create a fascinating and appealing fusion. For example, traditional warm Mediterranean colors might be paired with more modern tile shapes, or traditional fan-shaped tiles might be paired with metallic glazes for a look of cool, modern opulence. If an entire wall or floor of Mediterranean mosaic tile is too much for you, you can always compromise by adding a border of decorative tile around the top of a tile wall or the edge of a shower surround, or by making a smaller mosaic in a recessed shower shelf.

Now You May Wonder…

…What About Terra Cotta Tile?

While it’s certainly true that terra cotta is a Mediterranean material, it simply is not appropriate for bathrooms. It is too porous, which makes it a poor choice for wet environments. You can pay a nod to the importance of terra cotta by including terra cotta tones in your design.

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