Planning to Sell Your House? Learn the Three Kitchen Improvements That Could Make a Big Difference

Planning to Sell Your House? Learn the Three Kitchen Improvements That Could Make a Big DifferenceIf you ask a potential home buyer what the most important things they’re look for are, the chances are good that their kitchen needs are high on the list. That’s why it’s common for investors to recommend updating the kitchen when it comes time to sell the home. Read on to learn what projects are likely to pay off the most and then reach out to Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to get started.

Spending money to make money: It really can pay off

We talk to customers all the time who are not sure that investing in their kitchen makes a lot of sense if they’re trying to sell it. After all, wouldn’t they be better off just dropping the price of their home by the amount they would have spent to upgrade and skipping the mess and hassle? Actually, it’s not that simple.

The reality is that most people want to move into a home that’s ready to live in. They’re likely to pay more for a home that’s ready than a home that they have to do work on. Likewise, if they’re considering two different homes and one needs work while the other is ready to go, then in most cases they’re likely to choose the home that’s been recently updated.

  1. Update your cabinets
  2. One of the biggest complaints people have about kitchens is that there isn’t enough storage space. You probably don’t want to knock down a wall to significantly increase your space, but adding cabinets in otherwise unused spaces is a great way to add storage. Even if you have plenty of storage, replacing cabinets – or at least having them refinished – helps a home seem more upscale.

  3. Upgrade countertops
  4. Countertops are one of the first things a person will see when they walk into the kitchen. If you have old, dirty countertops, this can be an immediate turn off. However, a home that’s been recently updated with unique custom countertops and backsplashes is likely to wow potential buyers. Studies have shown that an impressive kitchen can sell a house on its own, and upgrading countertops is a good way to get a nice looking home turned into a beautiful one.

  5. Replace your flooring
  6. It’s actually more affordable to replace flooring than you may think. You could add hardwood, but this isn’t the best option in today’s world. Instead, there are laminate and tile options that look great and are much more sanitary. Plus, they can handle the moisture that comes along with a kitchen.

If you’re looking for unique ways to upgrade your kitchen, check out our video to learn more about us and then call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595. Making your home stand out among all the others on the market may seem tough but it’s really as simple as upgrading a few things in your kitchen. Reach out today and let’s get started.