Read This Before You Install a New Backsplash in Your Kitchen

Read This Before You Install a New Backsplash in Your Kitchen

You have alternatives when selecting tile for your backsplash. Our extensive selection of in-stock tiles at Mission Tile West may satisfy a variety of demands. Before you make the final choice about the tiles you want for your kitchen backsplash, learn about five things that we hope you are aware of.

You may combine materials

The idea that you shouldn’t combine materials is an ancient wives’ tale. Do not think that you must choose between two materials if you have fallen for two of them; instead, utilize them both. Installing them on opposite walls of the same room or using them randomly to give the room texture are also options. A room can have a few hand-painted tiles to show off your personal flair, but the remaining tiles should be more straightforward. You have the option.

You probably don’t need as much tile as you think

The realization that a little tile may go a long way surprises a lot of homeowners. It may have a significant impact without requiring that tile be installed all over a surface. When you deal with Mission Tile West, we will assist you in estimating the quantity of tile required for your project, but we frequently discover that the actual quantity is lower than people anticipate.

You should pick between matte and gloss

If the sheer variety of tile selections is overwhelming you, limiting the choices to gloss and matte can help you make a decision much more quickly and easily. This aids in creating a list that is more manageable. Take into account the available natural and artificial light in the space as you choose which is ideal for you. Examine the colors and finishes throughout the day.

Brick isn’t as hard to clean as you think

There may be brick tile alternatives available, but you could dismiss them out of hand because you think cleaning them will be too tough. Contrary to popular belief, modern thin brick tile selections are just as simple to maintain as any other type of tile. Brick might be a terrific option if your marble top has a lip because the breadth of the two materials will be similar.

Choosing grout is just as important as picking tiles

You don’t want to spend time and effort selecting the ideal tile, just to chance the grout color. Except when utilizing tile or brick, we generally advise using sanded grouts. When you call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 for further details, we can go over the many alternatives with you.