Revival Styles to Spice Up Your Home

Revival Styles to Spice Up Your Home

Whether you’re looking to remodel the kitchen, the bathroom, or a variety of rooms in the home, you’ve got to get some inspiration before you can get started. There are a variety of revival styles that will take you back, transport you to a faraway place, or set a calm, peaceful mood for anyone who walks in depending on what you go for. Mission Tile West offers 5 different revival styles.

Revival 60’s

Take a blast from the past with the retro Revival 60’s look. Instead of coming off as tacky, you get duller white or red body clay with a variety of gloss and matte colors. You have more options with this particular type of revival style, so this is great for those who have a particular color in mind and they’re set on using it and incorporating it with the theme.

Revival Kimono

Always a white clay body, you can experience a variety of patterns with the Revival Kimono Style. Patterns like Geisha, Cherry Blossom, and Samurai are offered in both red and white and black and white, so it depends on the rest of the mood of the room for what you want to do. Be transported to a faraway time and place with a more historically accurate Revival Kimono theme for your bathroom or kitchen.

Revival Colonial

Using a lot of fall colors, you can get an older vibe of the house with the Revival Colonial style. While it does include a lot of reds, oranges, and browns, it also has blues, greens, and off-whites to choose from that can completely alter the way the room you’re remodeling looks now.

Revival Classics

Go for a more classic, contemporary look without having to stick to the boring black and white. While it’s a classic look for many people, there are other colors that can appear just as classy, like a red on white body clay. The Revival Classic style has a good variety of gloss and matte colors. It also has basic trims, hexes, and retro liners that you can incorporate into your room’s style.

Revival Malibu

Relax and imagine the ocean outside your window with a beautiful Revival Malibu style. Mission Tile West accommodates with red or white body clay across vibrant Malibu colors. You mostly see a lot of shades of blue and white, so you’ll experience a relaxing calm you don’t get to feel with a lot of other room styles. Imagine your whole kitchen or bathroom decked out in this peaceful revival style.

No matter which revival style you choose, Mission Tile West has the experts for the job. Call 626-799-4595 to get more details about specific style options or to get a free consultation. They’ll be able to walk you through the whole process of what you’re wanting, as well as answer any questions you might have along the way. Contact Mission Tile West today to find out which style best fits you and your needs.