Historic Restoration Tile Alhambra CA

If you have a historic property, naturally you want to make sure any renovations are historically accurate. Mission Tile West can provide the beautiful, historically accurate tile that will let you breathe new life into your historic property. Come browse our inventory of historic restoration tile Alhambra CA, which includes decorative tile in the Malibu, Catalina, and Batchelder styles. Some of the architectural styles that our tile complements include:
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  • Spanish Revival
  • Mission Revival
  • Mediterranean Revival
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Colonial Revival
  • Classic Revival
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • California Bungalow

Planning your Restoration

When it comes to creating authentic historic restorations, choosing the right type of tile is just the beginning. You also have to take into account the color palette and the layout of your tile. For example, hexagonal tiles have been traditional in bathroom design for decades, but simply getting new hex tiles won’t necessarily mean your restoration will look historically appropriate. You also have to take care to get the correct size and color of tile, and then lay out any patterns correctly if you want to mimic a specific historical period or architectural style. At Mission Tile West, our experienced design consultants can help you make sure you get the historic restoration tile Alhambra CA that will enable you to achieve your design goals.

Custom Restoration Tile

Although we do have an amazing selection of historically accurate tile, some projects may require custom tile. When pre-made tile simply won’t do, you can commission custom historic restoration tile Alhambra CA from Mission Tile West. Just bring us a sample of your existing tile if you want to match it, or else a picture of a different design that you would like us to copy. We can create liners and molding tiles as well as squares, hexagons, and rectangles.