Decorative Tile Beverly Hills CA

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At Mission Tile West, we carry a diverse assortment of decorative tile Beverly Hills CA from over 200 manufacturers. Plus, we also produce our own lines of decorative tile, including historic and contemporary designs featuring your choice of geometric or organic motifs. We invite you to stop by one of our three showrooms to browse our collections and get inspiration for your next design project. You can even explore the possibility of custom decorative tile with one of our skilled design consultants. Our decorative tile offerings include:

  • Hand-painted tiles
  • Embossed tiles
  • Engraved tiles
  • Mural tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Liner tiles
  • Molding tiles
  • Vent tiles

Designing with Decorative Tile

There are tons of ways to incorporate decorative tile Beverly Hills CA into your home or business’ interior design. For example, you might lay out a stunning terra cotta floor interspersed with colorful Mexican pavers. Or you could create an area rug effect by creating islands of decorative tile in a sea of neutral-toned tiles. Add a bit of texture to the kitchen or bathroom with scrolled molding tiles or embossed decorative tiles. Mission Tile West can help you achieve any of these looks with our premium decorative tile.

Tile is Beautiful and Functional

Tile is a favorite material because it helps keep homes cool in sunny California weather. Tile is also very easy to clean and care for. If you decide to get decorative tile Beverly Hills CA in your home, be sure to invest in a stain- and mildew-resistant grout to keep your tiled surfaces looking fabulous without the need for lots of scrubbing.