Mosaic Tile Beverly Hills CA

Bathroom - 167 - 2Technically, a mosaic could be made of any type of tile that measures fewer than 6 inches across. Even so, the most common variety of mosaic tile used in interior design today is probably little squares that are around 1 inch across. We stock all different sizes and shapes of mosaic tile Beverly Hills CA at Mission Tile West. When you get your tile from us, our design consultants can familiarize you with all sorts of mosaic tile, like:

  • Ceramic, glass, stone, and metal tiles
  • Iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte finishes
  • Squares, rectangles, hexes, dots, diamonds, and other shapes
  • Abstract or patterned mosaics
  • Variety of color palettes

Working with Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile Beverly Hills CA may look complicated, but because you can order and install it in sheets instead of tile by tile, it is in reality not difficult to use. Plus, the small size of the tiles enables you to use them in places where larger decorative tiles wouldn’t work, like in cramped spaces or along curved surfaces.

Designing with Mosaic Tile

You can make mosaic tile Beverly Hills CA elegant or casual by using different tile bodies, finishes, and colors. For example, pool surrounds often include bright, iridescent mosaic tiles in a bold variety of hues to create a fun atmosphere, while interior uses are frequently more discreet and use soothing, monochromatic palettes. We invite you to drop by one of our three showrooms to view samples and get a crash course in mosaic tile from one of our expert design consultants.