Terra Cotta Tile Beverly Hills CA

Floors - 121 - 2Infuse your property with rustic, old-world charm by using terra cotta tile. A timeless interior design material, terra cotta tile goes well with many of the architectural styles common to California. Visit Mission Tile West to learn more about our terra cotta tile Beverly Hills CA. Our collection of Terra Bella designer terra cotta tile will provide you with lots of options. Choose from products like:

  • Plain inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Glazed inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Malibu black line terra cotta decos
  • Terra cotta pavers
  • Terra cotta stair treads
  • Terra cotta vent tiles (single or double sided)
  • Hexagon, octagon, rectangle, square, brick, dot, picket shapes

Indoor Uses for Terra Cotta

Terra cotta tile Beverly Hills CA is frequently used as an interior flooring for kitchens, living rooms, halls, and other spaces. When installing unglazed terra cotta indoors, be sure to apply the proper sealants to make your tile water resistant. This is very important if you’re using terra cotta in the kitchen because it will allow you to clean and sanitize the tile more easily. Enjoy terra cotta’s natural red-brown glow or add some additional pops of color by incorporating some decorative tiles into your design.

Outdoor Uses for Terra Cotta

The natural earthy hues of terra cotta tile Beverly Hills CA make it perfect for outdoor spaces like patios or walkways. You can tuck some painted tiles under the risers of a terra cotta staircase or perk up an expansive patio by creating intricate patterns with plain terra cotta.