Mosaic Tile Brentwood CA

Bathroom - 167 - 2Though a mosaic tile is frequently defined as just about anything measuring under 6 inches across, most mosaic tile designs consist of even smaller pieces. At Mission Tile West, we carry plenty of this type of small mosaic tile. When you buy from us, our design consultants can introduce you to all sorts of mosaic tile Brentwood CA, like:

  • Ceramic, glass, stone, and metal tiles
  • Iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte finishes
  • Squares, rectangles, hexes, dots, diamonds, and other shapes
  • Abstract or patterned mosaics
  • Variety of color palettes

Working with Mosaic Tile

Because most mosaic tile Brentwood CA is made in sheets, it is easy to work with. Your contractor can just install the sheets beside one another to cover your wall, floor, countertop, pool ledge, etc., rather than applying each tiny tile separately. This means the work goes faster and is more accurate too.

Designing with Mosaic Tile

The uses of mosaic tile are quite varied. Light-colored mosaic tile makes small spaces like bathrooms look larger, while dark mosaic tile Brentwood CA can give a sense of intimacy to larger rooms. Iridescent tiles or mosaics with metal accent tiles can create a high-end look, while natural finishes and earth tones can create a more casual or even rustic look. Many designers like to complement mosaic tile with contrasting borders or liners of decorative tile. If you are considering using mosaic tile in your next personal or business project, be sure to stop by one of our three showrooms to get inspired by all the tile samples we have on display.