Historic Restoration Tile Glendale CA

Caring for historic properties requires a special touch, because any renovation or restoration has to look historically appropriate. At Mission Tile West, we make updating the tile in your historic home a whole lot easier. Come browse our inventory of historic restoration tile Glendale CA, which includes decorative tile in the Malibu, Catalina, and Batchelder styles. Some of the architectural styles that our tile complements are:
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  • Spanish Revival
  • Mission Revival
  • Mediterranean Revival
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Colonial Revival
  • Classic Revival
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • California Bungalow

Planning your Restoration

Historic renovations don’t always mean that you have to match the existing tile exactly. You can update the colors or patterns of tile, as long as you choose from shades and designs that are historically appropriate for your property. At Mission Tile West, our skilled design consultants can help you pick out high quality historic restoration tile Glendale CA as well as make recommendations regarding how to use it in your design.

Custom Restoration Tile

Even with our huge stock of historic restoration tile, we may not be able to meet all your requirements with off the shelf tile. If you require a very specific design or color of historic restoration tile Glendale CA, we can create it for you in one of our two tile factories. Just bring us a sample of your existing tile if you want to match it, or else a picture of a different design that you would like us to copy. We can create liners and molding tiles as well as the different flat shapes you may require.