Swimming Pool Tile Glendale CA

Pool TilesDon’t be content with a dull or uninspired pool area. Get stunning swimming pool tile Glendale CA from Mission Tile West. We carry designer tile from over 200 companies, and we also create our own special lines of tile influenced by vintage California designs. Tile suitable for your pool and patio might include:

  • Terra cotta tile
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Mexican pavers
  • Mosaic tile
  • Cement tile
  • Natural stone

We normally suggest terra cotta or natural stone tile for the pool deck or patio, because unlike glazed tile these materials won’t contribute to slips and falls. Plus, these materials come in natural, earthy tones that look fantastic in outdoor spaces. They also create an ideal backdrop for the brightly colored hand-painted tiles and Mexican pavers that many designers like to use as pool and patio accent tiles.

Cement Pool Tile

Another kind of tile we frequently recommend for use as swimming pool tile Glendale CA is cement tile. This classic Mexican tile has been featured in some very stylish California properties recently. Multipurpose cement tiles can serve equally well as pavers or as accent pieces. They wear extremely well and have a long lifespan because their color is not applied as a glaze, which could chip off over time, but as a dye the extends all the way through the tile.

Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Swimming pool tile Glendale CA has many uses apart from the pool. If you plan wisely, you can use your pool tile to establish a unifying design in your whole yard. Patios, porches, paths, walkways, fireplaces, and outdoor bars or food prep areas are all terrific examples of places you can use tile.