Terra Cotta Tile Malibu CA

Floors - 121 - 2Terra cotta has been used for thousands of years, and for good reason. A classic interior design material, terra cotta tile complements many of the architectural styles common to California. Stop by Mission Tile West to explore our terra cotta tile Malibu CA. Our line of Terra Bella designer terra cotta tile will provide you with lots of choices. Choose from items like:

  • Plain inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Glazed inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Malibu black line terra cotta decos
  • Terra cotta pavers
  • Terra cotta stair treads
  • Terra cotta vent tiles (single or double sided)
  • Hexagon, octagon, rectangle, square, brick, dot, picket shapes

Indoor Uses for Terra Cotta

Terra cotta tile Malibu CA is often used as a flooring material for kitchens, living rooms, halls, and other spaces. When using unglazed terra cotta inside, be sure to apply the proper sealants to make your tile watertight. Sealing the terra cotta is especially important if you’re making use of it on a kitchen countertop, as sealing will enable you to wipe it clean. Enjoy terra cotta’s natural auburn tones or add some additional spots of color by featuring some decorated tiles in your design.

Outdoor Uses for Terra Cotta

The earthy hues of terra cotta tile Malibu CA make it perfect for outdoor areas like patios, walkways, pool surrounds, and steps. You might be surprised to discover how many different designs you can create with just a couple of shapes or sizes of terra cotta tile. For even more variety, embellished terra cotta tiles are also available.