Mosaic Tile Newport Beach CA

Mosaic Tile Newport Beach CA

Mosaic tile Newport Beach CA lets you incorporate lots of tones and textures into your design

Technically, a mosaic tile is defined as anything measuring under 6 inches in diameter. But when most people think of mosaic tile, what comes to mind is those tiny 1 inch square tiles that are often used to cover entire walls or floors. We carry a variety of sizes and shapes of mosaic tile Newport Beach CA at Mission Tile West. Come visit our showrooms to discover all the varieties of mosaic tile we offer, such as:

  • Ceramic, glass, stone, and metal tiles
  • Iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte finishes
  • Squares, rectangles, hexes, dots, diamonds, and other shapes
  • Abstract or patterned mosaics
  • Variety of color palettes

Working with Mosaic Tile

You might think mosaic tile Newport Beach CA would be a pain to install since there are so many small tiles involved. But the truth is that it isn’t any more difficult than any other type of tile, because most types of mosaic tiles come in premade sheets on paper or plastic backing.

Designing with Mosaic Tile Newport Beach CA

Mosaic tile is often used on large tiled areas in order to provide interest without becoming overwhelming. Pale colored mosaic tile can be used on the walls and floors of a small space like a bathroom to make it seem larger, while dark shades of mosaic tile Newport Beach CA can make large rooms seem more intimate. Many designers enjoy mixing mosaic tile with borders or liners of decorative tile. Due to rich color palette that can be achieved with mosaic tile it’s relatively easy to match the tile with various color schemes. For more design inspiration, come visit one of our showrooms or look through our online design galleries.