Swimming Pool Tile Orange County CA

Swimming Pool Tile Orange County CA

We’ll help you find the perfect swimming pool tile Orange County CA to make your pool area pop.

At Mission Tile West, we can present you with an alternative to bare concrete for your pool area: swimming pool tile Orange County CA. We carry designer tile from over 200 companies, and we also make our own unique lines of tile inspired by classic California designs. We have all sorts of tile suitable for pool and patio areas, like:

  • Terra cotta tile
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Mexican pavers
  • Mosaic tile
  • Cement tile
  • Natural stone

When it comes to the pool deck or patio, we typically recommend natural stone or unglazed terra cotta tile, because these materials are not slippery. Plus, terra cotta and stone come in earthy hues that look natural and appropriate outdoors.

Types of Pool Tile Orange County CA

Another kind of tile we regularly suggest for use as swimming pool tile Orange County CA is cement tile. This sort of tile is traditional in Mexico and in recent years it has been gaining popularity in trendy California homes and businesses. Cement tile is very convenient and can be used on the pool deck or to decorate walls, stairs, etc.. Most importantly, the color in cement tile extends all the way through the tile rather than existing as a glazed layer on the top of the tile. This prevents chipping from having a huge aesthetic impact on your design and improves the life of the tile.

Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

When picking out your swimming pool tile Orange County CA, don’t neglect to take into account how you can use this same tile to tie together your entire outdoor living space. You can use the same decorative tiles you inserted around your pool to perk up other areas like outdoor fireplaces, privacy walls, bars and grilling areas, or paths and patios.