Bathroom Tile San Marino CA

Bathroom - 190 - 3Bathrooms are always a fun area to decorate, because these self-contained spaces lend themselves so well to experimentation. If you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your current one, you can try out new colors, shapes, and styles. Come visit one of Mission Tile West’s three designer tile showrooms and let our distinctive collection of bathroom tile San Marino CA and helpful staff inspire your next bathroom design project.

Why Use Tile in Bathrooms

There is a reason why ceramic tile has been the material of choice for bathroom design projects for over a hundred years. To begin with, it is antibacterial by nature and extremely easy to clean. This makes it very easy to keep surfaces in your bathroom sanitary. Another reason to use tile in your bathroom is that it is not prone to water damage. With tile, you can rest assured that the moist environment of the bathroom won’t ruin your beautiful walls or flooring. Plus, bathroom tile San Marino CA is an ideal material because it is so gorgeous. It offers virtually limitless design options in highly durable, long-lasting finishes.

Designing with Bathroom Tile

While tile is most often used in bathroom floorings, there are actually plenty of other ways to include designer tile from Mission Tile West in your bathroom:

  • Tub surrounds
  • Shower stalls
  • Built-in shower shelves
  • Sink backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Counter facings
  • Accent walls
  • Tile wainscoting
  • Tile chair rails
  • Flooring
  • Floor mosaics

We have a large selection of shapes, sizes, colors, and motifs in our collection of bathroom tile San Marino CA. Swing by Mission Tile West and let us find or create the perfect tile for your next project.