Decorative Tile San Marino CA

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At Mission Tile West, we carry an excellent assortment of decorative tile San Marino CA from over 200 manufacturers. Plus, we also produce our own lines of decorative tile, featuring historic and contemporary designs and themes. Whether you’re just beginning to consider a renovation or redesign project or are already in the midst of one, you’ll enjoy browsing our collection of geometric and artistic tiles. You can even explore the possibility of custom decorative tile with one of our skilled design consultants. Be sure to consider our:

  • Hand-painted tiles
  • Embossed tiles
  • Engraved tiles
  • Mural tiles
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Liner tiles
  • Molding tiles
  • Vent tiles

Designing with Decorative Tile

Decorative tile San Marino CA can be used to create bold, daring designs or just to add a touch of personality to a space. You could create a decorative border along your pool or hot tub using hand-painted tile or glittery mosaic tile. Another possibility would be using decorative liners to trace a subtle pattern around your tub or shower stall, or to frame a shower shelf or mirror. Add a bit of texture with scrolled molding tiles or embossed decorative tiles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing with decorative tile because you have so many shapes, sizes and color palettes to choose from.

Tile is Beautiful and Functional

There’s a reason tile is a traditional material for Mexico and southern California: it feels wonderfully cool on a hot day. Another benefit of tile is how easy it is to maintain. If you decide to get decorative tile San Marino CA in your home, be sure to invest in a stain- and mildew-resistant grout to keep your tiled surfaces looking fabulous without the need for lots of scrubbing.