Mosaic Tile Santa Ana CA

Mosaic Tile Santa Ana CA

Mosaic tile Santa Ana CA lets you incorporate lots of tones and textures into your design

Though a mosaic tile is frequently defined as just about anything under 6 inches, the vast majority of mosaic tile designs consist of even smaller pieces This is the sort of mosaic tile Santa Ana CA you’ll find at Mission Tile West. Come visit our showrooms to view all the types of mosaic tile we offer, including:

  • Ceramic, glass, stone, and metal tiles
  • Iridescent, non-iridescent, and matte finishes
  • Squares, rectangles, hexes, dots, diamonds, and other shapes
  • Abstract or patterned mosaics
  • Variety of color palettes

Working with Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is a really versatile material. The small size of the tiles makes it easier to fit the tile into rooms of all dimensions, and you can even successfully apply mosaic tile to curved walls or stairs where larger tiles just wouldn’t work. Most styles of mosaic tile Santa Ana CA come in sheets that contain multiple tiles, making installation a breeze. The resulting surface is easy to clean and will wear well over time.

Designing with Mosaic Tile Santa Ana CA

Mosaic tile is frequently used on large expanses of tile in order to add interest without becoming overwhelming. Light shades of mosaic tile make small spaces like bathrooms look larger, while dark mosaic tile Santa Ana CA can give a sense of intimacy to larger rooms. Many interior designers like to complement mosaic tile with contrasting borders or liners of decorative tile. On account of the rich color palette that can be achieved with mosaic tile it’s easy to match paint, furnishings, and decorative tile to a room containing mosaic tile. For more design inspiration, come visit one of our showrooms or browse our online design galleries.