Terra Cotta Tile Santa Monica CA

Floors - 121 - 2Give rustic, old-world charm to your home or business by installing terra cotta tile. This material effortlessly gives any space a sense of warmth and timelessness. Visit Mission Tile West to explore our terra cotta tile Santa Monica CA. We stock a complete collection of Terra Bella terra cotta tile that we create at our very own factories. The collection contains many different sizes, shapes, and styles of tile including:

  • Plain inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Glazed inlaid terra cotta tiles
  • Malibu black line terra cotta decos
  • Terra cotta pavers
  • Terra cotta stair treads
  • Terra cotta vent tiles (single or double sided)
  • Hexagon, octagon, rectangle, square, brick, dot, picket shapes

Indoor Uses for Terra Cotta

The classic look of terra cotta tile Santa Monica CA can be paired with both traditional and contemporary interiors. One unusual aspect of terra cotta is that this material absorbs water, so you need to seal it or use only glazed terra cotta indoors. Creating an impermeable surface is particularly important for terra cotta tile used in places like kitchens that must be kept sanitary. Terra cotta gives a nice glow to any room, and you can add even more appeal by interspersing hand-painted Mexican tiles into your field of terra cotta tiles.

Outdoor Uses for Terra Cotta

The earthy colors of terra cotta tile Santa Monica CA make it ideal for outdoor spaces like patios or walkways. Add an appealing pattern to a patio or walkway, encircle your pool with terra cotta tile, or use painted Mexican tiles to create borders to enhance your outdoor space.