Swimming Pool Tile Venice CA

Pool TilesSwimming pool tile Venice CA can provide a welcome alternative to painted concrete for your pool deck. We carry high-quality tile from over 200 companies, and we also make our own distinctive lines of tile influenced by traditional California designs. Tile appropriate for your pool and patio might include:

  • Terra cotta tile
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Mexican pavers
  • Mosaic tile
  • Cement tile
  • Natural stone

Terra cotta and stone make great pool deck materials, because they have non-slip surfaces. As an added bonus, these materials can provide a cool surface on a hot day. You can add color and interest to terra cotta pool decks using a smattering of multi-colored decorative tiles.

Mosaic Pool Tile

Mosaic tile also provides a lovely backdrop for your pool area. Mosaic swimming pool tile Venice CA is available in a variety of colors and styles. You can select randomized mosaics, abstract patterns, or even representational mural-like mosaics. Mosaic tile calls forth a feeling of old-world luxury, but it can also appear very modern if you select designer colors or shimmering finishes that will catch the light and look great next to the pool. You can extend the mosaic motif by running a band of this tile along the walls surrounding your pool or even embedding mosaic tiles in the pool deck itself.

Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Swimming pool tile Venice CA has many applications apart from the pool. If you plan wisely, you can use this same tile to establish a unifying style in your whole yard. Patios, porches, paths, walkways, fireplaces, and outdoor bars or food prep areas are all great examples of places you can use tile.