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Simple Tips to Get the Art Deco Style You Are Looking For

Simple Tips to Get the Art Deco Style You Are Looking For

If you have long been in love with the art deco style but have not been sure how to implement it, then you will appreciate these simple tips. Remember to contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to get help with all the tile designs you are looking for.

Choose Bold Patterns

Art deco is a lot of things, but it is not subtle. It is confident. It is bold. It comes with strange shapes and lovely geometric line work. If you want art-deco, then you want bold patterns – but make sure you are doing them correctly. For example, you need symmetry. Think of the lovely art deco towers that looked like modern pyramids. You might choose to decorate with little furniture, but your patterns should be busy and create an almost hypnotic result.

Fall in Love with Velvet

When it comes to opulence in the 1930s, nothing says style more than velvet. It is sumptuous, tactile, and just an overall fantastic fabric. Of course, these velvets cannot be chosen in bland colors – stick with rich purples, reds, and other bold colors.

Flaunt What You Love

The art deco mantra revolves around showing off what you have. This is not a décor style for a person who wants to be coy or humble. For this reason, we suggest touches of gold – the ultimate in lavish. You could choose a sofa in a lush, soft color but with bright, high-gloss gold as the frame. You could choose glass tables with gold accents.

Choose Bold Shapes

In addition to the bold colors and designs, there are also some beautifully bold shapes as well. Think sunbursts, fans, and other shapes. When it comes to dressing your home in a true art deco style, let go of the idea that there is such a thing as going overboard. Embrace shapes within shapes, too, such as bone, shell, or metal inlays.

Add the Style to All Surfaces

One of the reasons that art deco feels so timeless is that it came into contact with all modern mediums. There is no style out there that can be used on tables, chairs, walls – every part of the home. While we do not recommend adding to every surface, you can consider adding it to any surface. For example, grab some art deco tiles to add to your fireplace.

Let Us Help You Find the Style You Want

At Mission Tile West, we are proud to offer a wide range of styles and types of tile. Just give us a call at 626-799-4595 to find out what we can help you with. You can also schedule a time to come visit our showroom in a safe manner.