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Subcontractor vs Contractor: Which One Do You Need for Your Home Remodeling Project?

Subcontractor vs Contractor: Which One Do You Need for Your Home Remodeling Project?

If you are handling a larger renovation project then you will need a general contractor. If this is one of your first times doing something like this or hiring someone like this, then it can feel overwhelming to find the right person that both fits your needs and your budget. In some cases, a general contractor is your best pet. In others, a subcontractor will be better. Read on to learn about the differences and then contact Mission Tile West if you need help tile and design assistance.

What does a general contractor do?

First, let’s discuss what a general contractor does. They take total control of your construction project. Your general contractor can be a company or it can be just an individual. They can work on both residential and commercial projects. If you are taking on a big project and you cannot handle any of the tasks yourself, then working with a general contractor may be the best choice. They do everything from assessing the project plans to overseeing every part of the physical labor.

Their duties can vary from job to job based on what is needed. Some common duties they may perform including ensuring that all safety measures are consistently upheld, that all the materials for a project are available, keeping accurate records, supplying labor for the project, monitoring cash flow, providing equipment, vehicles, and tools, overseeing the schedule, and making payments.

What does a subcontractor do?

The subcontractor is hired by a general contractor. Their job is to complete tasks that are specific and specialized. Think of it this way: They handle smaller projects that are part of the larger project. They can be an individual or a business and they are hired based on their reputation within a specific construction niche. Some examples of work subcontractors often do include insulation, electrical work, drywalling, appliance installation, plumbing, carpentry, installing tile, sewers, painting, and HVAC.

Bottom line: Which one should you work with?

Working with either has advantages over the other. If you are looking to have one person oversee a large project then a general contractor is likely the right option. On the other hand, if you have just one specialized job you need done, then a subcontractor who specializes in that option may be better. Note that the cost of a general contractor vs a subcontractor depends on various issues, including the specialty of the subcontractor.

Turn to us for help with all your tile needs

Regardless of who you choose to work with, you will have many choices to make, including the materials you want. For high-quality tiles that showcase your unique personality, reach out to Mission Tile West. Feel free to stop by or give us a call at 626-799-4595 if you have specific questions. We can provide you great prices, quality products, and expert design advice.