The Right Tile for Your Commercial Property Depends Largely on Where That Tile Will Be Used

The Right Tile for Your Commercial Property Depends Largely on Where That Tile Will Be Used

There is no single type of tile that is best for any and all areas within a commercial office. Instead, you should look at where you will be installing the tile and then find the right tile for that area. Still not sure what tile should be used in specific locations? Keep reading or call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to find out how we can help.

Choosing Tile for the Floor

The most important thing to consider when choosing tile flooring is how safe it will be. You should expect that tiles will be slippery when wet, so when choosing tile for breakrooms, bathrooms, and other areas that might get wet, be sure you are choosing tile that has slip resistant properties, and that is very non-porous, as this will help to prevent staining. We also recommend looking for tiles with high hardness ratings due to the heavy foot traffic in bathrooms.

All that said, we recommend porcelain or ceramic if you are going to use tile flooring in a commercial space.

Choosing Tile for the Walls

If you are choosing tile to go on walls in breakroom kitchens or bathrooms, or other areas that will be wet, then you should be careful about what type of tile you choose. Yes, you want tiles that have the material, texture, and style that goes within the design of the room but make sure that you are choosing tile that is non-porous. We can recommend porcelain for these areas, and it is available in many designs and styles.

Picking Tile for Staircases and Slabs

In most buildings, staircases have the heaviest load bearing. For this and other reasons, stair tile and slabs need to be sturdy and durable enough that they can handle this type of heavy use. Likewise, it must be non-slip to avoid slips and falls on the stairs. Once again, we recommend porcelain and ceramic tiles for stairs and slabs.

Finding the Perfect Tiles for Bathrooms

What is the most important feature you are looking for in your bathroom tiles? Most commercial property owners want a space that is attractive and that works perfectly for its needs. Sleek looks for bathroom countertops are great because they look good and are easy to maintain. For the flooring in bathrooms, slip-resistant porcelain is a great option, thanks to its non-porousness.

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Tiles for Any Room in Any Building

The best news is that you are not in this alone. If you need commercial tiles, you will be glad to know that we have what you need. Just give Mission Tile West a call at 626-799-4595 and let us learn what you need and find the best way to meet that need.