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The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Flooring

Shop beautiful pet-friendly floor tile options at Mission Tile West

The Ultimate Pet-Friendly FlooringAre you looking for a flooring material that can stand up to abuse from pets, but still deliver a high-end look for your interior design? Tile may just be the perfect pet-friendly flooring choice.

  • No Scratches: Tile is extremely durable and won’t get scratched up by pet nails like wood floors would. You will need to be careful to sweep up grit brought in on pet feet to prevent abrasion.
  • No Stains: When paired with a quality grout, tile is impervious to liquids and staining. Whether you are concerned about muddy paws, hairballs or pet accidents, cleanup on a tile floor will be easy.
  • No Odors: Because ceramic tile flooring is not porous, it is impossible for it to trap or retain pet odors.
  • No Allergens: Tile floors are very easy to sweep clean, so you don’t have to worry about pet hair and dander or any other allergens accumulating on your floors. This is a big advantage over even the tightest carpet pile.

Tips for Keeping Pets Happy on Tile

Tile floors do have a few potential drawbacks from your pet’s perspective, but you can easily remedy these by following a few simple tips.

Prevent Slipping: It can be hard for pets to get traction on tile floors. This can lead to pets slipping and sliding when they try to stop short or race around a corner. They could bang into walls or furniture, causing damage or even hurting themselves. To help your pet, consider laying area rugs or runner rugs with non-slip backings in high-traffic areas.

Prevent Clicking: Some people (and perhaps a few pets) find the sound of pet nails clicking on a tile floor rather annoying. The sensation of nails on tile may also be a bit uncomfortable for the pet. To prevent this, keep your dog’s nails trimmed so they do not touch the floor when they walk.

Protect Pet Joints: While lying on a cool tile floor can feel great on a hot day, a hard floor surface like tile can be hard on your pet’s joints. Make sure they have a comfortable pet bed to rest on in all rooms where you like to spend time.

Come Shop Our Designer Floor Tile Today

If you would like help selecting the right designer floor tile for your home, come to Mission Tile West today. We’ll be happy to show you different options to suit your needs.