These Revival Styles Are Great Options to Give Your Home a Tile Makeover

These Revival Styles Are Great Options to Give Your Home a Tile MakeoverWhether you’re remodeling the kitchen, the bathroom, or a number of other rooms in the house, you’ll need some inspiration before you begin. Depending on what you want, there are a range of revival styles that will transport you back in time, transport you to a foreign country, or generate a serene, peaceful ambiance for anybody who walks in. Five different revival styles are available from Mission Tile West.

1960s Revival

The retro Revival 60’s appearance is a blast from the past. You can purchase duller white or red body clay with a range of gloss and matte colors instead of sticky white or red body clay. With this type of revival style, you have more alternatives, which is perfect for individuals who have a specific color in mind and are focused on using it and incorporating it into the theme.

Vintage Kimono

The Revival Kimono Style has a white clay body and can be worn in a number of designs. Geisha, Cherry Blossom, and Samurai patterns are available in both red and white and black and white, so what you do depends on the rest of the room’s tone. With a more historically realistic Revival Kimono motif for your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be transported to a faraway period and place.

Colonial Revival

With the Revival Colonial style, you may achieve an older vibe by using a lot of fall hues. While there are a lot of reds, oranges, and browns in it, there are also blues, greens, and off-whites that can dramatically change the aesthetic of the space you’re redecorating.

Classics in Revision

You don’t have to keep to black and white to achieve a more traditional, contemporary design. While many people prefer the classic aesthetic, different colors, such as red on white body clay, can look just as elegant. A wide range of gloss and matte hues are available in the Revival Classic style. It also includes basic trims, hexes, and retro liners that you may use to personalize your space.

Malibu Revival

Relax and envision the lovely Revival Malibu style ocean outside your window. Red or white body clay in brilliant Malibu colors are available at Mission Tile West. Because there are so many colors of blue and white, you’ll sense a peaceful calm that you won’t receive from many other room layouts. Consider decorating your entire kitchen or bathroom in this serene renaissance design.

Whatever revival style you like, Mission Tile West has the right people for the task. To learn more about specific design possibilities or to schedule a free consultation, call 626-799-4595. They’ll be able to lead you through the entire process of getting what you want and answer any questions you have along the way. To find out which style best suits you and your needs, contact Mission Tile West now.