Three Factors to Consider When Narrowing Down Your Tile Options

Three Factors to Consider When Narrowing Down Your Tile Options

Did you know that tile is one of the world’s oldest and most widely used building materials? As you might expect, with thousands of years of tile production, there are a plethora of alternatives. Our clients may choose from a vast variety of tile alternatives at Mission Tile West. However, we are aware that it can also be a blessing in disguise. How do you decide which choice is best for your home?

It’s true that finding the proper tile can be time consuming, but once it’s put in your house, you’ll be pleased you took the time. Read on to learn about some of the factors to consider while making your decision, and then call us at 626-799-4595 if you have any questions.

Choose tile that is appropriate for the location where it will be put

There are a variety of reasons to like tile: It’s water-resistant, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Kitchen tile is stunning, and we like seeing it in bathrooms and foyers. However, it isn’t appropriate for every space in your house. The most critical factor to consider is what is practical and functional for your floors.

For example, in the bathtub or shower, you’ll probably prefer a textured tile because a smoother tile might become slippery when wet. Installing textured tile in a high-traffic location, on the other hand, might be a hassle because it’s more difficult to clean. Smooth tiles, on the other hand, are easier to clean and are probably a preferable option in such case.

Make good use of color

You’ll consider a number of criteria while deciding on the perfect color tile. Of course, you want something that you enjoy first and foremost. However, be conscious of the effects that various colors have on a space. Dark tiles may make a room appear cozier, but they can also overpower a tiny area. Lighter colors are a wonderful choice for making a space appear larger. Tiles in high-traffic areas are frequently tiled in many colors to help disguise dirt between moppings.

Choose the appropriate tile size for your needs

Large tiles are a wonderful choice for a tiny space since they make it appear larger. A room will feel more personal if you use smaller tiles, however small tiles should be used with caution. They have more grout lines, which may make a space appear more sophisticated — and make cleaning more difficult.

Large tiles are also easier and faster to install than smiling tiles. Larger tiles will certainly save you time and money, whether you install them yourself or hire a professional.

Is this guide assisting you in narrowing down your choices? Do you have any more questions regarding the finest materials? Or if there is a single finish that works well for all tiles? To obtain answers to any of your tile questions, contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.