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Three Tips That Can Help You Choose the Best Tile Backsplash for Your Kitchen

 Three Tips That Can Help You Choose the Best Tile Backsplash for Your KitchenToday’s kitchens, restrooms, and showers frequently include tile backsplashes. Choosing the ideal tile and picking the best colors, patterns, and layouts for your area are the first steps in creating the ideal backsplash. These three easy recommendations can assist you in choosing the ideal tile to create a backsplash you will love and appreciate, whether you are retiling a section of your kitchen or choosing new tile to go behind your bathroom sink. Contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 for additional help.

  1. Snap photos of your favorite backsplashes
  2. Having a photo of a tile pattern or design that you adore is an easy method to communicate your thoughts to your tile layer. You can use the internet, a tile magazine, or even a photo you shoot on your smartphone. A picture is one of the finest ways to maintain a clear vision in your head and the mind of your designer, even though explaining the design to your tile company may work.

    Never fret if you can’t find exactly what you want in a catalog or online; you may better convey what you have in mind for your tile backsplash with a photo and a description of your own tiling vision. Bring a picture or look at pictures when you visit with your tile consultant about choosing a tile backsplash to keep your focus sharp and focused.

  3. Take samples of tile home
  4. Ask your tile consultant if you may have a few samples delivered to your home once you’ve decided on the plan or pattern you want for your tile backsplash before making your final choice. Before installing your tile, make sure you are completely in love with it, whether you are adding a new backsplash to your kitchen or tiling a bathroom wall.

    Before choosing your final color or texture choices, try taping up tile samples for a few days. Having a tile sample in your home in the precise spot where you are considering putting it makes it much easier to get a sense of how the colors and sizes might seem in your finished space. Choose numerous tile samples to bring home when designing your ideal backsplash so you can feel your preference in the actual area.

  5. Establish a budget that is realistic
  6. Do not undervalue the significance of establishing a reasonable budget for your project as you try to design a distinctive backsplash for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space you have in mind. Despite the fact that you might have a lot of fantastic ideas in mind, refrain from setting unrealistic expectations for the finished backsplash.

To receive the greatest quality and value for the tile backsplash project you have in mind, speak with Mission Tile West while you search for pricing, tile designs, and distinctive layouts.