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Tile 101: Learn About the Four Degrees of Color Variance in Tile

Tile 101: Learn About the Four Degrees of Color Variance in Tile

When you work with Mission Tile West, you can count on the fact that our tiles are unique and handmade. With this unique option, you can also count on a certain amount of variation between each tile. Variation happens naturally in any type of ceramic. Why? Because various glazes react in different ways depending on the materials being used, the exact temperature of the kiln, and where within the kiln the piece is located.

The good news is that you can choose how much variance is in your tiles. There are four categories, with V1 having the least amount of variance and V4 having the most. Higher variations are popular within bathrooms and other larger areas with lots of tile. Lower variations are often the choice for more intricate tile work, such as a backsplash.

V1 and V2 tiles

V1 and V2 are the tiles with the least variance. You may find this in recycled tiles or tiles that have a single color. You may find that tiles that are made with lighter colors are more likely to have less visible variance. These are generally smooth or matte tiles. If you’re interested in unique tiles with little color variance, we can help! Just contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to get started.

V3 and V4 tiles

When you get into V3 and V4 tiles, you’ll start to see a more significant difference between colors. Common types of tiles with more variance include brick, glass, or terracotta. Any tile that’s crackled, painted, or engobed is going to have more natural color variation. These are often the top choice when an entire room is being tiled, or for outdoor living spaces.

Turn to a family-owned business for all your tile needs

When you choose Mission Tile West as your tile provider, you’re choosing a family owned company that’s been proudly serving the industry since 1984. Today we have two tile factories, three different showcase locations, and carry hundreds of tile manufacturers. In short, we are your top choice for tile in the area.

We offer all the products you need by all the top tile designers

It doesn’t matter what type of tile you’re looking for, you can get it all from us. From stone to glass, from terra cotta to ceramics, we can help. We offer styles form various designers and manufacturers and we design some of our work in house as well. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about our products and can assist you as you consider all of your options.

Come to us for the best customer service in the business

At Mission Tile West, we are proud to offer the best possible customer service to every client and potential client. Whether you’re just starting a remodeling project or are ready to buy your tiles today, we are here to help. We offer custom solutions and are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of everyone we work with. Contact us today at 626-799-4595 or stop by one of our three locations.