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Tile in the Office: Learn the Unique Ways Companies Are Incorporating Tile into Office Spaces

Tile in the Office: Learn the Unique Ways Companies Are Incorporating Tile into Office Spaces

When you think of tile in an office space, you may think of a cold space with white tiles as far as the eye can see. You may think of a place with a lack of personality. While that type of tile may have been used in the past, today’s workplace is using tile in truly unique ways. At Mission Tile West we are happy to see cool pops of color and patterns being used at companies in the area. If you have questions, contact us at 626-799-4595 for help.

Do Not Overdo the Tile

The key to successfully installing unique tiles is to remember that a little can go a long way. If you want something that will brighten up the space, consider adding tile to the face of a kitchen island in the breakroom. If you want bold tile in the bathroom, consider using it as an accent piece on the walls or floors. When you use a smaller section of tile, it will have a bigger impact while remaining less overwhelming than if you tiled the entire area.

Office Kitchens Are Becoming More Interesting

Generally speaking, office kitchens or breakrooms are generally fairly generic. That is not the case for today’s hip company. They are including unique kitchen tiles and backsplashes. These include hand-painted commercial-grade tiles like those you can get from Mission Tile West. We offer a wide range of bright and bold colorful options.

Companies Are Using Science to Find the Best Colors

As companies look to find the right tiles, they are not just considering design – they are looking to science to determine the best colors. For example, studies show that yellows are uplifting. Some colors are shown to calm employees while others get them energized. None of these should be overdone, which makes tile a great way to get these colors in as they can be dispersed through several tiles.

Even Simple Palettes Can Get Subtle Boosts

For those who do not want to do something drastic, adding a few glossy, tiles to an otherwise matte décor can add subtle depth to an office. When paired with classic tile shapes, such as hexagon, and sometimes including contrasting grout colors, companies can create just about any palette they want.

We Have the Tile Solutions You Are Looking For

If you are ready to find the right tile for your specific needs then we look forward to working with you. Contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 now and we can get started right away! Or stop by our location to see our tiles in person, ask questions, or get help. Take advantage of the benefits that come along with our many years of experience.