Tile: The Perfect Family-Friendly Bathroom Flooring

Mission Tile West has durable and beautiful bathroom tile for your family.

The Perfect Family-Friendly Bathroom Flooring Family bathrooms can really take a beating, especially if your entire family is sharing just one or two bathrooms. In addition to the general abuse kids subject their environment to, you’re going to need protection against water and steam from all those hot baths and showers. Fortunately, tile flooring is the perfect solution. It’s durable enough for your family while still looking beautiful enough for a magazine spread on those rare occasions you get all the kids’ bath toys and novelty toothbrushes put away.

To confirm your intuition that tile is the right flooring for your family bathroom, consider the flaws of your other options:

Vinyl: At first, it might seem like vinyl flooring is the ideal choice for a family bathroom. After all, this flooring is known for being highly resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture, which makes it perfect for a room where kids are likely to splash in the bath, drip at the sink, and leave wet towels on the floor. However, one problem with vinyl flooring is that because it is thin, it has the potential to curl up at the edges. This can present a huge problem in the bathroom, because these gaps will create a pathway for water to get under the flooring and potentially cause serious structural problems.

Wood: Assuming it is properly sealed and the planks are installed tightly with no gaps for water to leak through, wood can make an acceptable choice for a bathroom. However, wood is rather high maintenance. Spills need to be mopped up quickly and it is also important to control the humidity in a steamy bathroom to prevent the floor from warping.

Carpet: Of course, carpet is a very rare choice for a bathroom because it is simply not practical to have a floor covering that cannot tolerate water at all. When homeowners do choose carpet for the bathroom, typically it is a very cheap material that is laid down loose over another flooring for easy removal. While it is undeniable that a bathroom rug feels very nice on the feet on a cold morning, it is not true that all tile floors must be cold. If you like, you can install radiant heating under a tile floor for the warmth of carpet in a more moisture-tolerant material.

Why Choose Tile for Your Family Bathroom Flooring

Now that you’ve heard a bit about why other flooring choices fall flat in a family bathroom, you should be really sure of your desire to use tile for your family bathroom flooring.

At Mission Tile West, we have tons of bathroom floor tile options to choose from, so you can get the perfect mix of benefits including:

  • Complete protection against water damage
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective due to long service life
  • Wide variety of colors, textures, and designs to suit any style
  • Seamless integration with wall and tub tile to tie the whole room together

If you’re concerned about tile being too slippery for your little ones, simply choose a small tile size so that the additional grout lines will provide extra traction.

For help selecting the perfect tile for you family bathroom, please stop by our showroom soon.