Tile Spotlight: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Our Revival Malibu Tile Line

Tile Spotlight: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Our Revival Malibu Tile Line

As you search for the perfect hand-crafted tile, you will find many available options. At Mission Tile West we are proud of the products we have created from a variety of inspirational points. Today we are spotlighting one of our favorite lines of tile: Revival Malibu. Keep reading to find out what inspired it, how it is made, and what your customization options are. If you have questions, stop by or call us at 626-799-4595 to learn more.

The Inspiration for Our Revival Malibu Tile Line

We got the inspiration for this unique tile line by looking at pieces from the Spanish Revival movement. This movement took place in the ‘20s and provides truly timeless beauty. With Spanish and Moroccan inspiration, these tiles manage to be both sophisticated and simple. We have used an age-old technique to create these lovely tiles.

You will notice that the design uses both simple geometric shapes with vibrant colors. They pair beautifully with our unique moldings. These special tiles are made at our California factory from the finest materials on the market. You will appreciate that our artists are constantly expanding and coming up with new patterns for our clients. The tiles in this particular line can be used accents or as features.

Our Tile is Handmade and Made-to-Order

When you choose our revival tile, you are choosing tile that is hand glazed. You are choosing tile that is made to order. What does this mean for you? It means that you will see variations between one tile and the next. You will see variations in color, shade, and even size. You may see crazing on the surface before and/or after you install it. The glazes we use are transparent, which means that shading and glaze pooling will occur on the field tile and the trim.

Does this mean that the tiles we sell are inconsistent? Far from it. Our tiles are consistently of great quality. The minor differences between one tile and another is just one example of the way in which our unique, hand-crafted tile stands out from mass-produced tiles.

Do You Want to Customize Your Tiles? We Can Make That Happen

The great news is that you can truly customize everything in the Revival line. That’s right – each tile, liner, and mural can be entirely customized. Use any color in any location you want – as long as the colors are within the color series. You can check out our online drawing book to see the designs and colors. If you have questions about customizing, or other questions about this or other tile options, call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.