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Tile That Looks Like Wood: Is This the Trend of the Future?

Tile That Looks Like Wood: Is This the Trend of the Future?

There is a serious trend in tile right now that may or may not make it into the huge trends of the future: Tile flooring that looks like wood. If you have not seen it then you can be sure that you will too. There are many reasons homeowners are tempted to choose this option, including the fact that they get the durability they want from tile while getting the look of wood flooring.

What exactly is tile that looks like it is wood?

It is just what you likely imagine: A ceramic tile or porcelain tile that looks just like wood. They can come in just about any pattern or style you can imagine – including various types of wood grain. Hardwood floors come with a lot of maintenance requirements but these new tile flooring options allow you to say goodbye to that maintenance once and for all.

Your tile is entirely customizable

The good news about working with a California company that specializes in tile products is that we can custom make exactly what you need. We can make just what you need, no matter what you want your faux wood tiles to look like. We can create tiles of any size, color, grain, style, etc. You can then use these tiles to create different patterns. In short, you have total control over the finished product.

Wood tile is incredibly durable

We have already mentioned it but it bears mentioning again: Wood flooring made out of tile is extremely durable. This makes it a great investment. Hardwood floors are popular throughout most rooms of the home, but in high traffic areas like kitchens, they can become damaged quickly. Floors made out of actual wood can also become scratched, chipped, dented, warped, and cracked when they are affected by foot traffic, messes, and pets. None of this is an issue with tile flooring.

Faux wood tiles work in areas you normally wouldn’t see wood flooring

You don’t often see wood flooring in bathrooms and there is a reason for this: There is a lot of moisture in bathrooms and it can warp and damage a wood floor. This is not an issue with tile flooring. If you choose a simple bathroom look, such as white and clean, then the look of wood can provide you a wonderful look of warmth.

Tiles are an eco-alternative

Some people who are worried about trees being harvested for wood flooring appreciate that tile floors do not require wood to be harvested. They also last a long time, which means which there is less waste. Some tiles are also made from recycled materials.

If you are considering any type of tile for your home or office then we hope you will consider Mission Tile West. With years of experience, quality tile options, and a lot of expertise, we are your go-to for all things tile. Stop by today or give us a call at 626-799-4595 for help.