Tips for Picking Grout Color

Learn about some key points to consider when choosing grout for your designer tile

Tips for Picking Grout ColorIf you’re like most people, you’ve probably given quite a lot of time and consideration to your choice of designer tile for your floors, backsplash, shower surround, etc. But you may not have thought much about your grout.

While grout tends to be treated as an afterthought, in reality it deserves more attention because the right or wrong grout can have a big impact on the look of your designer tile. The main options for your grout color scheme are:

Matching Grout: Perhaps the simplest option is to have your grout match the color of the tile. For example, if you have a field of white tile you might want white grout to blend in with the tile and help make the space seem larger and brighter. Matching the grout color to the main color of a decorative tile can be an excellent way to let the painted or embossed decoration on the tiles stand out.

Contrasting Grout: If you want to highlight the pattern in which your tile has been laid, choose a contrasting color of grout. For example, white subway tile with dark gray grout is very on trend right now. As a bonus, dark grout is excellent for hiding dirt. However, bear in mind that any irregularities in the spacing between tiles and the thickness of your grout lines will be more noticeable with a contrasting grout color. If you go this route you will definitely want an expert installing your tile.

General Tips for Choosing Grout

Whether you are choosing a matching or contrasting color scheme, some general tips apply when choosing your grout color:

  • Use a grout fan deck or chart. This tool allows you to see what different widths of colored grout look like right next to your tile. This is important for getting an accurate visualization of what the tile and grout will look like when installed.
  • Opt for stain-resistant grout. Whether you want a light or a dark grout, a stain-resistant product will help ensure that the color stays truer over the long haul.
  • Consider pre-mixed grout. With a pre-mixed grout, the pigment is already evenly distributed through the product so you don’t have to worry about the kinds of color variations that can result from improperly mixed grout. The bolder the color, the more important this is.
  • Don’t forget caulk. Your tile installation may require caulk around the bottom edge in order to account for any shifting of the building. It’s best to purchase caulk and grout together from the same manufacturer so you get a perfect match.

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