Top 6 Tile Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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Top 6 Tile Renovation Mistakes to AvoidUpdating the tile in your bathroom or kitchen can be a relatively quick and easy way to make a big improvement in an outdated or unattractive space. However, if you are considering tackling this project on your own beware of these 6 common DIY tile renovation errors.

Giving Up on Your Tile Too Easily

If you’re replacing your tile because you hate it, that’s fine. But if you are renovating because your tile is damaged, just make sure that you’ve considered any tile repair alternatives you may have before you start ripping up that old tile. If you have just a few chipped or broken tiles, you may be able to replace them if you can find new tile that will provide a satisfactory match. If aged grout is the problem, consider regrouting or even covering old grout with a new opaque product.

Choosing the Wrong Tile

Another crucial error to avoid is choosing the wrong tile for your application. This includes functional as well as aesthetic aspects of your tile selection. For floor tile, you must avoid choosing tile that is too fragile or slippery. And for all applications, you must be sure you are choosing colors and motifs that are going to complement the interior design and architectural style of your home.

Bad Measurements

Incorrect measurements can cause a variety of problems. First, if you fail to measure the space to be tiled correctly, you won’t have enough tile to get the job done. You may also run into problems with the tile looking crooked or off-center if you don’t get your starting measurements right.

Collateral Damage

Another problem that can occur during a tile replacement is that you may accidentally damage your bathroom fixtures, paint, or drywall when doing the demo work on your old tile. Take your time or you may end up with a bigger renovation job on your hands.

Skipping the Prep Work

The prep work for new tile can be tedious, especially if your floors or walls have shifted and settled over the years. It is important to correct any shifting or settling so you have a nice flat, level surface to work with.

Tile Laying Errors

One final error that is common in DIY tile projects is mistakes in the technical aspects of tile installation, including tile cutting and grouting. You will need to have a lot of patience and be willing to redo some of the work if you make a mistake. When laying glass tile, be sure to smooth out the comb marks in the adhesive so they don’t show through.

Need Professional Help?

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