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The Top Five Reasons to Try Tile Flooring

Tile is more convenient, versatile, and eco-friendly than many people realize

Tile FlooringWhen many people are ready to upgrade to new flooring, tile may not be the first choice that comes to mind. Even though tile flooring is one of the most attractive, durable options out there, many people worry that it might not be the most affordable or desirable choice. However, tile offers numerous advantages, starting with the following five, that make it a smart investment whether you want to boost home value, improve interior appearances, or simply increase your quality of home living.

1. Tile Is Easily Installed

Whether you’re handling the installation personally or outsourcing the work, tile is one of the easiest flooring surfaces to install. For many people, the most challenging aspect of installation is planning a layout that minimizes the amount of tile discarded after cuts are made. The adhesive used to secure tiles is available pre-mixed, so once a design is chosen, installing the tiles is as simple as applying the adhesive and pressing the tiles onto it.

2. Maintenance Is Minimal

Tile is a great choice for the most obsessive and laidback cleaners alike because it is one of the more durable, easily maintained types of flooring. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles resist stains, making them an especially popular choice for kitchen flooring. When it’s time for cleaning, no special solutions or time-intensive techniques are required; sponging or mopping with a mild solution will remove most messes and odors.

3. Tile Is Environmentally Friendly

Even if a given tile product is not made with recycled materials or manufactured by an environmentally friendly company, tile is made from natural materials, unlike many popular flooring options. Tile also endures longer than many types of flooring, making it economical and eco-friendly. Another direct benefit is that tile is inert, so it does not release volatile organic compounds. These compounds are found in flooring such as hardwood and vinyl, and long-term exposure can cause various health problems.

4. Major and Minor Repairs Are Easy

With most types of flooring, replacing the entire surface is more feasible than repairing a small portion. With tile, removing and replacing chipped or broken sections is easy. This helps homeowners save money and unnecessary work while keeping the home interior looking its best.

5. Tile Is Extremely Versatile

Tile flooring can be installed in almost any room, from bathrooms to outdoor living spaces, and the design possibilities are limitless. For homeowners who dabble in interior design, matching tiling to walls, furnishings, and other decor is easy, given the sheer number of options available. In virtually every home, there is some space that can be enhanced with tile flooring.

At Mission Tile West, floor tiles from more than 200 manufacturers are available in a variety of colors, styles, and price ranges. If you are ready to bring the beauty, durability, and other benefits of tile flooring into your home, you can start by stopping into a Mission Tile West showroom to discover your dream tile option.