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Understanding the PEI Rating Scale is Essential to Choosing the Right Ceramic Tile for Your Remodeling Project

Understanding the PEI Rating Scale is Essential to Choosing the Right Ceramic Tile for Your Remodeling Project

There are several factors to think about as you look for the ideal tile for your project. The majority of customers prefer tiles that are of great quality, have the desired appearance, and are reasonably priced. Turning to Mission Tile West is the most effective approach to accomplish all of those goals.

You might come across a PEI rating when you evaluate ceramic tile possibilities. Many of our clients have inquired about the precise meaning of this, as we have discovered. Keep reading to learn the basics and then contact us at 626-799-4595 or stop by our showroom to check out our top tiles for yourself.

The PEI rating is set by who?

The Porcelain Enamel Institute is referred to as PEI. Enamellers and businesses that produce and/or sell the tools, know-how, and supplies required to make porcelain tiles make up this category. The PEI is a volunteer-run organization that has been meeting since 1930.

Their headquarters are in Georgia, and they want to support and advance porcelain tile. In order to give customers crucial information about the tiles they’re thinking about, they developed the PEI Class Rating Scale.

There are six categories in the PEI Rating Scale

The PEI Rating Scale assigns scores between Groups 0 and 6. Each one conveys a different message. The tiles in Group 0 aren’t sturdy enough for foot traffic. They should only be applied to walls. Group 1 consists of tiles that are durable enough to withstand light foot traffic, such as that of bare feet. Residential bathrooms, as well as walls in commercial or residential buildings, are common locations for these types of tiles.

Group 2 is capable of managing low-traffic areas like restrooms or bedrooms in residential structures. Group 3 is capable of managing a moderate food flow. With the exception of foyers and kitchens, these can be utilized in pretty much any room of the house. Additionally, they work well in modestly commercial spaces like an office or a reception area.

Strong enough for moderate to high traffic is Group 4. They are excellent alternatives for domestic spaces with heavier foot traffic, including kitchens and foyers, or for light to medium use in commercial structures, like hotels, lobbies, corridors, or restaurants.

The strongest and highest rated tiles you can discover are in Group 5. They can withstand a sizable amount of dampness and grime and are suitable for any degree of heavy foot activity. Due to their widespread commercial application in shopping centers and swimming pools, these tiles are quite well-liked.

The majority of porcelain tiles are rated a 4 or 5, while ceramic tiles are often on the lower end of these ratings. Call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 as soon as possible if you have any questions about installing new tile in your house or place of business or if you’re ready to begin working with a company that can assist you throughout the entire process.