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We’ll Bet You Haven’t Thought of These 6 Unique Ways to Use Tile Throughout Your Home

We’ll Bet You Haven’t Thought of These 6 Unique Ways to Use Tile Throughout Your HomeWhen most people think of tile, they think of using it for a backsplash in their kitchen or the floor in their bathroom. While these can be wonderful places for the beauty and durability of tile, at Mission Tile West we like to think outside of the box too. Read on to learn about six unique ways we’ve seen tile used in various homes. Then reach out to us at 626-799-4595 or stop by our showroom to learn more.

  1. Decorate your furniture
  2. Using tile on top or the sides of furniture is a great way to create a conversation starter. You can choose glass tiles for a coffee table, or ceramic tiles for a bedside table. Perhaps you want to take a simple wooden headboard and attach mosaic tiles to it? The possibilities are endless and we have a wealth of tile options for virtually any taste.

  3. Use tile as artwork
  4. A common reaction to the unique tile available from Mission Tile West is that it looks like a work of art. We agree, which is why we love seeing it used in artwork. This could mean taking a frame and attaching tiles around it, and then framing a piece of art you already own. It could also mean creating a pattern with tile and framing that. It might even mean creating a mural directly on a wall with tile. Art has no limits and you can use this idea any way you’d like.

  5. Make your built-ins more unique
  6. These days, built-in bookcases, cabinets, etc. are very popular. However, they can end up looking a little generic after a while. If you want to do something other than the typical natural wood or white, consider add tile to the back of your shelves. Then link rope lights through the front of your built-ins and you’ll see your lovely tile lit up on display.

  7. Skip the paint when creating an accent wall
  8. When homeowners want a bold look but don’t want to commit to it throughout a single room, they often choose to paint an accent wall. They paint the other three walls within the room a neutral color and then just paint one single wall a bold, bright color. We say why not make an accent wall from tile?

  9. Create a stunning entryway
  10. As homeowners are designing their homes, entryways often get overlooked. This is generally because they’re a small space and because homeowners are so used to seeing them every day that they often don’t even register them anymore. However, the fact that you see it every day is a reason to consider creating a unique tiled entryway.

  11. Get creative with wainscoting
  12. Most people think of wainscoting, think of white wood, and don’t give it another thought. Instead of doing the expected, why not mix it up with tile that runs halfway up a wall? This is a great option in a dining room or living room.