Which Tile Material is Best for Your Project? Learn the Pros and Cons of the Main Options

Which Tile Material is Best for Your Project? Learn the Pros and Cons of the Main Options If you’re thinking about using tile in your next project, you’ll soon be faced with the task of selecting the right tile among the many options available at stores like Mission Tile West. However, before you choose a tile design, you must first choose a tile body, or the substance from which the tile is produced. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the four most common tile bodies.

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Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is extremely durable if you choose the right hardness level for your application. Tiles with a rating of zero to two should only be used for walls, whereas tiles with a rating of three to five are appropriate for heavy traffic floors. Ceramic tile is simple to install and clean, and depending on the style you choose, it can be relatively inexpensive.

One of the few disadvantages of ceramic tile is that it might be cold underfoot, but this is rarely an issue in sunny Southern California. Another disadvantage of ceramic tile is that the size and color of the tiles can vary significantly depending on which lot they originated from.

Concrete tile

Concrete or cement tile is incredibly durable, making it excellent for use on both indoor and outdoor flooring. It’s also quite adaptable, with possibilities ranging from stone-like moderate tones to vibrant, ornamental tiles with Mexican or Moroccan designs.

Concrete tiles are both heavy and difficult to install. You’ll want to hire a professional to guarantee that your structure can support the tile’s weight and that the tile is properly put.

Terra cotta tile

Terra cotta tile is a flexible and elegant tile that, when properly sealed, can survive for years. It looks fantastic both inside and out, and its natural color palette goes with a variety of design styles.

The biggest disadvantage of terra cotta tile is that it comes in such a wide variety of styles, and not all of them are of great quality. If you want a long-lasting terra cotta floor, countertop, or wall, make sure you buy from a reputable tile store like Mission Tile West.

Glass tile

Glass tile is a stunning decorative element for any room. It’s especially good for pool surrounds or restrooms because it glistens when wet. Glass tile comes in a wide variety of hues.

Few glass tiles are acceptable for use on flooring. They are more suitable for use on walls and backsplashes. Another disadvantage of glass tile is its high cost, which can be up to five times that of a typical ceramic tile.