Why is Tile Such a Popular Choice for Bathroom Designs?

Why is Tile Such a Popular Choice for Bathroom Designs?

When designing a bathroom, there are many options – including bathroom tile. With so many choices, it may seem that there would be a variety of popular results. The truth is that tile has remained a top choice for bathrooms – and for good reason. Keep reading to find out what makes it so attractive for homeowners. If you want to look at a variety of unique tile contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 or stop by our location.

Tile Has Several Advantages That Make it a Great Choice for the Bathroom

First of all, tile is often chosen because it is very functional. It is easy to clean and it is easy to keep clean. It is antibacterial by nature, which helps keep it safe for all who use it. It is also important to consider that bathroom floors are much more likely to get wet than most other rooms in the house. Natural tiles are made to withstand water so this is not an issue.

Many people use tile flooring because they want it to match the tile in their shower or bathtub enclosure. After all, you would not put carpet or hardwood flooring on the bottom of your shower – why would you put it on the bathroom floor? Using tile throughout helps create a cohesive look.

There Are a Seemingly Endless Number of Tile Options

It is also important to consider how many thousands of tiles there are. When it comes to something like carpet, there are only so many colors you can choose from. The same is true of hardwood flooring options. On the other hand, at Mission Tile West alone you have options available from more than 200 tile manufacturers. That is literally thousands of tile options.

No matter the style you are looking for, no matter your budget, and no matter the colors you are interested in, the fact of the matter is that tile is likely to offer it to you.

It is Easy to Repair

In an ideal world, you would install bathroom flooring and wall décor and it would look great for the rest of time. This is not a reasonable expectation. In the real world, everything will eventually break. If you have put down hardwood and you find one board loose, you will have to replace it with a board that will come from another lot of trees and that will not have aged the same way your flooring has.

On the other hand, you can replace one or more tiles fairly easily if they become cracked or chipped. Unless they know what to look for, no one would be any the wiser that it is a repair and not the way the tile has looked forever. If you are interested in discovering the many options available to those shopping for tile, stop by our location or give Mission Tile West a call at 626-799-4595.