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You Can Use Tile to Decorate Your Home in Places You’ve Never Thought Of

You Can Use Tile to Decorate Your Home in Places You’ve Never Thought Of

We may be prejudiced, but we believe tile has a place in every area of the house at Mission Tile West! In fact, we’ve created stunning tile installations in areas you may not expect to see tile. Here are several ways to incorporate tile into your house. If you are interested in these or other options, call us at 626-799-4595 or stop by to view our tile collection.

Use tile all throughout your bathroom

You could consider tile for your tub or shower, but have you considered a tile countertop? What about tiling the walls of your bathroom? As a backsplash, you might use tile sparingly to provide a pop of color. Finally, think about laying tile on the floor. It’s both attractive and practical — a win-win situation!

Make your fireplace truly shine

Why not make your fireplace more dramatic with gorgeous, opulent tile or stone if you’re lucky enough to have one? This is one of the simplest methods to enhance the beauty and warmth of your fireplace.

In every area of the house, tile is a fantastic flooring option

Tile flooring is popular for a variety of reasons, including its ease of cleaning and maintenance, as well as the fact that it adds value to your house. We can assist you with a wide selection of tile flooring alternatives, from solid tile to patterns and even stunning mosaics.

More tile in your kitchen is a must

In your kitchen, there are several locations where tile may be used successfully. Some homeowners select a mix of these alternatives, from tiling the floor to the counters, from putting a splash of color in a backsplash to tiling the full wall. We can assist you in selecting complementary colors and styles.

The living room is a great area to use tile

When you add tiling to rooms that most people wouldn’t think about, you may become really creative. Why not decorate your living room with terra cotta? Or lay down a stone floor? Tile is a fantastic way to add drama and sophistication to your living room, whether you want it on the walls or in the windowsills.

Take a walk outdoors to see what else is available

One of the best things about working with Mission Tile West is that we don’t just work on the inside of your home; we also work on the outside. Tile can be installed in patios, walled gardens, pathways, and other areas.

Enhance the drama and appeal of your stairwell

A staircase connects one floor of your house to the next, but don’t forget that it may also be a fashionable addition to your decor. Choose from a variety of tile designs for your stairwell, ranging from simple to complex.

We can also assist with commercial spaces

Tile is an excellent choice for commercial areas because it has a strong visual effect, is easy to maintain, and is a good long-term investment. If your business is in need of a facelift, give Mission Tile West a call at 626-799-4595.