You Deserve These Luxury Additions When You Remodel Your Bathroom

You Deserve These Luxury Additions When You Remodel Your Bathroom

This post is for you if you’re planning a bathroom makeover and want to include the most up-to-date luxury features. While we’d all want to have a private pool in our backyards, these are more budget-friendly solutions for the master bath. Whatever you decide to put in your new bathroom, keep in mind that Mission Tile West has bathroom tile in different sizes, kinds, designs, and colors.

Sinks with two undermount bowls

Having two sinks in the master bath not only looks nice, but it may also help to avoid future fights. Do you have a dirtier partner than you? Or maybe you like to leave things alone while your partner loves a spotless sink? Having your own can help you avoid major problems. It also makes getting ready at the same time simpler for both of you.

If you prefer sinks that are directly linked to the underside of the countertop without a rim, keep in mind that you’ll need a water-resistant countertop and that cleaning is much simpler without a lip that collects dirt and debris.

Floors with radiant heat

Although no one likes to step out of the shower onto a chilly tile floor, it is a common occurrence. Thanks to radiant heat in the floor, it doesn’t have to be. It’s not only a luxurious experience, but it’s also a really effective method to heat a bathroom. Why? Because standard heating systems blast out all of the chilly air trapped in your ducts first.

Heated floors, on the other hand, are controlled by separate thermostats that may be programmed to turn on before you get up in the morning, ensuring that they are warm for you but not wasting heat.

A toilet room that is separate from the rest of the house

In Europe, it’s typical to have the toilet and the shower in separate rooms or regions. It takes up more room, but it provides greater privacy and allows two people to get ready at the same time. Add a bidet to your toilet if you want to be genuinely European.

Touchless faucets and built-in soap dispensers

You could be the ideal buyer for a touchless faucet if you’ve read the reports on how many germs are on bathroom faucets. It conserves water, eliminates overflow, and makes turning on the water simple. Another nice feature is the built-in soap dispenser, which ensures you always have enough suds to clean your hands.

Shower without a curb

A curbless shower is a must-have if you want to age in place in your present house. Some showers have a slanted floor that eliminates the need for a shower door to keep water from spilling onto the floor. This is the most cost-effective choice, and it also decreases the quantity of cleaning required.

Start with the tile if you want to create a genuinely beautiful bathroom. We provide one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted tiles at Mission Tile West. Visit our showroom to learn more, or contact us at 626-799-4595 if you have any questions.