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You Have Found a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Option in Tile

You Have Found a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Option in Tile

Tile has been a popular flooring choice since as far back as the eighth century – and for good reasons. With delicate details, strength, and beauty, there are many benefits to tile. As more people worry about bacteria, allergens, and sustainability, it is turning into a great choice for many families. Keep reading to find out what makes it so special and then contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to make an appointment to see our showroom.

Tile is a Hypoallergenic Flooring Option

If you choose tile flooring, then you are choosing a hypoallergenic flooring which means you can say goodbye to allergens, PVC, formaldehyde, and VOCs. If your family suffers from asthma or allergies, tile can be a great option in every room from the bedroom to the living room. Tile is both dust-resistant and pollutant-resistant, and it can prevent household allergens from sticking around. It does not grow mold, fungi, or bacteria, and it will not house dust mites.

Tiles Are Sustainable

Tile is considered one of the most eco-friendly flooring options for good reason. It is made from natural materials that are entirely sustainable. Many tiles are made from reused or recycled materials, and they are energy efficient. Tile can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature during even the warmest parts of the day, and there are many different tile colors to choose from.

Tiles Are a Safe Option

Finally, consider that tiles are slip resistant and fire-resistant. This makes them one of the safest flooring options you will find. This material does not require that you sacrifice safety to get the style you want. It is beautiful and functional – which can be a hard combination to get. Whether you use it outside your pool, in your bathroom, or anywhere else, find slip-resistant options to keep everyone safe. The fire-resistance of this non-flammable material is helpful too.

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Tile for Your Needs

There is no reason to wait to find out what tile would work best for you – we offer appointments during the pandemic. We know that many people do not want to risk coming into contact with the general public. As a result, we allow you to book a private appointment so you can take a look at your options.

You can further speed up the process by giving us an idea of what you are looking for. Our experienced associates can take a look at all our options and have a few ready for you. We can snap photos, show you items on the website, and otherwise help you to do as much shopping form home as is possible before you come to visit us. Call Mission Tile West now at 626-799-4595 to get started.