You Might Be Surprised to Learn the Ways Technology is Changing the Future of Tile

You Might Be Surprised to Learn the Ways Technology is Changing the Future of Tile

One of the most fascinating aspects of the tile industry is that, although there will always be some go-to tile design classics, there is also plenty of room for creativity. Recent technology advancements that have influenced contemporary tile design trends. Keep reading to learn more and then contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 or stop by to see some of our incredible tiles for yourself.

New inkjet technology

With the introduction of superior inkjet technology for ceramics, we now have a plethora of metallic-effect tiles that may be used as backsplashes or accent walls. Faux finishes have improved to the point that tile makers can now create high-quality copies of a variety of natural surfaces on ceramic tile bodies. Porcelain tiles that seem very identical to marble, bluestone, and wood, for example, are now available and are far more durable than the materials they copy.

Manufacturing process improvements

For many years, the size and thickness of tiles were limited due to the difficulties of burning big, thin tiles in a kiln. Today, however, high-quality large-format tiles are widely accessible and popular. Because these tiles are huge but thin, they may be used on both floors and walls. This was accomplished through the use of novel production techniques, such as one in which a special machine presses a continuous layer of porcelain under 15 tons of pressure to ensure that it remains flat.

Do you like a vintage style?

Most current tile companies aren’t going to cut it if you’re attempting to get a vintage vibe in your home. These tiles will not give you the real look you desire because they are created utilizing current production procedures.

Because of the sort of glaze employed during that time, tiles manufactured in the 1930s, for example, have a lovely bright aspect. The earlier glazes flowed a little more to generate translucency and give each tile a little varied tone, rather than providing the same vivid color on every tile. Because of this, old tile walls have a watercolor impression, but modern tile walls might appear flat.

We make our own antique tile lines in our own factories at Mission Tile West to offer you the historically authentic appearance you seek when reproducing designs from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. You may select from a number of ornamental themes and colors from our accurate period glaze palette.

Mission Tile West will assist you with the latest tile designs as well as historic tile designs. Please pay us a visit today at one of our showrooms.