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4 Benefits of Cement Tile for Everyday Living

Cement tile makes an excellent choice for flooring that sees everyday use

4 Benefits of Cement Tile for Everyday LivingAre you looking for a flooring that would look at home in the trendiest spots, but at the same time is down-to-earth enough to support worry-free everyday living? Cement tile is an excellent option. It offers:

Easy Care: Cement tile is extremely low maintenance. Pretty much all you ever need to do to take care of it is mop with water and a mild soap. Compare that to the frequent vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning you’d need to do with carpet, the periodic polishing and sealing you’d need to do with stone, or the refinishing you’d have to do with wood, and you can easily see that cement tile is going to let you spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you really enjoy.

Durable: With some types of flooring, it’s tempting to kind of tiptoe around because you’re afraid of damaging the flooring. For example, kids might be banned from your white-carpeted living room and pets might not be allowed on your wood floors. With cement tile flooring, you can just enjoy everyday life without these kinds of worries. Cement tile is very durable and isn’t going to stain or scratch. With a bit of care, it can last for generations.

Vibrant: These days, many people are trying to embrace a more modern or even minimalist look in their homes. This means getting rid of “stuff.” Instead of cluttering your home with all kinds of accent pieces, you can rely on your cement tile floor to provide the pop of color or bold pattern that brings the room together. Cement tile comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, from graceful multi-color designs reminiscent of a Persian rug or Moroccan tile floor to simple geometric patterns in bold contrasting tones.

Versatile: Another benefit of cement tile is that it is very versatile. This makes it an ideal choice for connecting indoor and outdoor living areas as the tile is suitable for both environments. Cement tile can also be used on countertops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and accent walls for even more design flexibility.

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