A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Tile Backsplash

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Tile Backsplash

Finding the best tile to use for your kitchen backsplash can be a challenge. For many homeowners, it is one of the last things they consider when remodeling their kitchen, yet it can be one of the most impactful. If you are having trouble deciding what type of tile is best for your kitchen, consider the following tips to help you choose the right option for your kitchen. You can also contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to learn more about our quality products.

Start by Considering Material, Then Shape, Then Size

First, narrow your choices down by choosing a specific material. Some of the most traditional tile materials are glass, porcelain, and ceramic. These are all very easily crafted into just about any color, shape, or size you can think of. Consider the prices and options in each material type to decide what will work best for you. You may also consider some of the more modern materials being used, such as metal or even stone and seashells.

Once you’ve decided on a material, start thinking about what shape you want them to be. The most classic options are squares and bricks. You can also choose tiles with unique shapes and mosaics as well. When you have a general idea about shape, it is time to think about the size you want. Do you want several very large tiles to make up the backsplash, or do you want small tiles that come together to create a beautiful picture?

Close Your Eyes and Imagine Your Favorite Color

One of the best ways to decide on the color scheme for your kitchen – and especially your backsplash – is to think about your favorite color. Are you not sure that you have a favorite color? Then take a walk to your closet. Do you see more of one color than of any other color? Then that is likely your favorite color. The backsplash is a smaller area of your kitchen and therefore you can go bold and make a statement with it if you would like.

Take Lighting into Consideration

In beautiful Southern California, the way tiles look late at night can be completely different than the way they look during the day. Why? Because the sun can play off of them. Just as you would test out a small block of paint on a wall before painting the entire wall, we recommend getting a tile sample, taping it where your backsplash will go, and seeing how it looks under various lighting types.

Remember That Function is Essential Too

So far we have only discussed finding the tiles that you will love to look at. However, we want to ensure that you do not forget that function is even more important. For example, your backsplash likely gets very wet and so you would choose a tile that can easily handle all the moisture.