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Are You Running Out of Space? Check Out These Simple Ideas to Help You Maximize the Space You Have

Are You Running Out of Space? Check Out These Simple Ideas to Help You Maximize the Space You Have

If you love your home but it is less spacious than you would like, there are a number of things you can do to keep it clear of clutter and looking great. Keep reading to get some ideas from Mission Tile West and then check out our unique line of tile options.

Use a Drop-Leaf Table

When you want plenty of room to entertain but you don’t have plenty of room, consider a drop-leaf table. When not in use, or when it is just you and another person, it is relatively small. When you are using it with more people, you can pull up the leafs and have much more room. These are also affordable tables, compared to others, for additional advantage.

Think of All Surfaces as a Chance to Decorate

One of the problems people often have with smaller spaces is that they don’t feel they have the room to really spread out and decorate the way they would like to. One suggestion for this is to use all the space. For example, do not just put art on the walls – use the wall as art. Do not just put tiles down, put down decorative tiles that double as a beautiful accent piece.

Stack Chairs to Save Room

You need chairs for visitors but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to waste space on those chairs when they’re not in use. The good news is that you aren’t limited to folding chairs. There are many brands of stylish, modern chairs that can be stacked. Then, when not in use, you can store them in a closet or a corner of a room, out of the way.

Use Your Bed for Storage

It is very common for people who have small spaces to store things under their bed, but this can get messy if not done correctly. Instead, get a lift bed and add some storage containers under your mattress. Even better, get a bed frame that includes drawers and other storage compartments.

Invest in a Murphy Bed

In a truly small area, you do need to let a bed take up the entire space. Murphy beds, which some call wall beds, allow you to fold your bed up into the wall when it is not in use. They are great for studio apartments but they also work well when your office doubles as a bedroom.

If you are ready to find some of the highest-quality, most unique tile on the market, then we welcome you to work with Mission Tile West. Contact us at 626-799-4595 to make an appointment to see our unique options.