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Ceramic Title 101: What is the PEI Rating Scale?

Ceramic Title 101: What is the PEI Rating Scale?

As you’re searching for the right tile for your project, you’ll have a number of things to consider. Most people want tiles that are high quality, have the look they want, and are competitive priced. The best way to reach all those objectives is to turn to Mission Tile West. As you compare ceramic tile options, you’re likely to run across a PEI rating. We’ve found many clients of ours have questions about what exactly this means.

Who sets the PEI rating?

PEI stands for the Porcelain Enamel Institute. This is a group that’s made up of enamelers as well as companies that manufacturer and / or sell equipment, technology, and materials needed to make porcelain tiles. The members of the PEI are volunteer folks, and this group has been meeting since 1930.

Headquartered in Georgia, their goal is to help promote and advance porcelain tile. As a result, they’ve created the PEI Class Rating Scale to provide consumers with much-needed information about the tiles they’re considering.

The PEI Rating Scale is made up of six groups

The ratings for the PEI Rating Scale range from Group 0 to Group 6. Each one means something different. Here are the basic definitions, though if you have questions about tile flooring, we invite you to contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.

  • Group 0 is made up of tiles that are not strong enough for foot traffic. They are only suitable to be used on walls.
  • Group 1 is made up of tiles that are strong to handle foot traffic, but only light foot traffic such as bare feet. Popular spots for these type of tiles includes residential bathrooms, or walls in commercial or residential structures.
  • Group 2 can handle light traffic rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms in residential buildings.
  • Group 3 is strong enough to handle moderate food traffic. These can be used in basically any room in the house with the exception of foyers and kitchens. They’re also okay for light commercial areas, like an office or a reception area.
  • Group 4 is strong enough for moderate to heavy traffic. They’re good choices for higher foot traffic residential areas, like kitchens and foyers, or for light to medium use in commercial buildings, such as hotels, lobbies, corridors, or eateries.
  • Group 5 are the strongest, highest rated tiles you can find. They’re fine for any level of heavy foot traffic and they can handle a significant amount of both moisture and dirt. As a result, these are popular commercial tiles, and are often used in swimming pools and shopping malls.

Ceramic tiles are generally on the lower end of these ratings, while most porcelain tiles are rated either a 4 or 5. If you have questions about adding new tile to your home or office, or if you’re ready to start working with a company that can help from start to finish, then we invite you to call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 right away.