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How to Create a Restful, Luxurious Balcony

How to Create a Restful, Luxurious BalconyIf you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful balcony then Mission Tile West has just one question for you: Are you getting as much enjoyment from it as you could? We work on a wide variety of projects and always look forward to helping our clients find ways to personalize their spaces and create their most restful, luxurious spots. Read on for some tips on creating the perfect balcony for your home and then stop by one of our three locations or call us at 626-799-4595.

Start with the floor

To set the mood, start by improving the floor. In most cases, balcony floors are made from wood planks or wooden slabs, and they may have a number of flooring material laid down over them. No matter what material they currently have, there’s no question that it could be greatly improved by adding incredible handcrafted outdoor tile. At Mission Tile West we have options in every style you can imagine, from contemporary to rustic, from classic to country.

Find the perfect seating

The size and style of seating that’s right for your balcony will depend on a series of factors, including how large your balcony is and what your preferences are. If you want a polished look – and you have the room – consider an outdoor bistro dining set. This will usually include several smaller chairs along with a circle table. A pub set may also work, which is generally smaller and has a higher-topped table with two chairs. Either one will be great for just relaxing, for entertaining, or for outdoor dining.

Make sure you have privacy

If your balcony is attached to a home then you may already have plenty of privacy, but if you’re looking to decorate your apartment or condo balcony then ensuring you have privacy is an important step. At Mission Tile West, we’ve seen some great privacy screens that can both protect your privacy and add some unique style. These are often made in an accordion style and are easy to move, so you can simply bring it out when you need it and tuck it away when you don’t.

Use your favorite colors

As you work on decorating your patio, make sure you choose a color scheme that will work for you. Many professional decorators recommend bright colors for outdoor spaces but at Mission Tile West we recommend that you stick to the colors you love – whether they’re bright or not. For example, our Revival 60’s Deco tiles include shades of gray, black, and red. These may not be the bright outdoor colors most designers have in mind, but with the right furniture they can look restful and luxurious.

Do you have questions about how to incorporate tile into your designs? If so, give us a call at 626-799-4595. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With decades of experience, we’ve created idyllic projects for people with every need you can imagine. Your perfect balcony is out there – let us create it for you!