The Desirable Features of Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic TilesWhen you are shopping for tile, you are most likely making its appearance your top priority. Naturally, this is an important factor, but there are other considerations you should make when it comes to selecting tile for your home. How stain resistant and durable a product is are equally important factors. Therefore, ceramic tile may be the best option for you. Not only is it available in a wide variety of styles, but it can also endure stains as well as other types of damage.

Impervious to High Temperatures

Ceramic tiles have a noncombustible composition, and this allows them to withstand the high temperatures generated by a fire. When placed around open flames, hot objects, or other such areas, the surface of the tile will not be altered. Due to this feature, ceramic tiles are excellent choices when constructing a fireplace. In addition, kitchens are an appropriate setting for these products as well. When you use hot pans or crockery, you do not have to worry about harming any tiles that are in close proximity to you. With ceramic tiles, you can choose from a wider range of locations in which to place them.

Lowering Your Risk of Slipping

These products are resistant in other scenarios as well. The chances of you slipping, for example, are greatly reduced when you install ceramic tiles in your home. There are two factors involved with slip resistance:

  • The level of your floor’s exposure to spills
  • Your environmental requirements

The more exposed your floor is to spills, the higher your need for slip resistant floors is. Homes with younger children and elderly individuals also require such a feature. Through the use of various glazes and additives, tile manufacturers have managed to increase the slip resistance of ceramic tile. The size of the tile and the grout joint spacing also play a part in keeping you from falling down.

Retaining a Vibrant Appearance

When the ceramic tiles are manufactured, their color is directly fired into them. It is a part of their composition and will not gradually fade over time. Even when they are exposed to sunlight, they are able to resist the effects of UV rays. The tiles can be placed on either the inside or the outside of your home, and you do not need to worry about the degradation of their appearance. They will retain their vibrancy for a longer period of time than many other types of tile.

Where to Acquire Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile would be the perfect choice for many areas within your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Their ability to withstand sunlight also makes them great additions to the exterior of your home as well. By contacting Mission Tile West, you can acquire this product and give your home a vivid and attractive appearance.