Discover the Many Places You Can Use Tile in Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Discover the Many Places You Can Use Tile in Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

It takes more than just setting up the grill and minifridge against the wall to create a lovely outdoor kitchen. To build a genuinely practical outdoor area that you can use to entertain with ease, you’ll need to include all of the same conveniences that you have indoors in a way that blends in smoothly and organically.

Tile, as you’ll see in this article, is a fantastic method to incorporate your outdoor kitchen into your outdoor living space, resulting in a beautiful and valuable addition to your home. If you have questions, or are ready to see our many available options, contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595.

Outdoor countertops are generally not done in tile

Tile counters are no longer popular in indoor kitchens, and they’re also not the ideal choice for outdoor kitchens. True, porcelain tile is long-lasting enough for an outdoor countertop, but the grout can be difficult to work with. On an outdoor countertop, tile grout may be extremely difficult to maintain clean since any roughness or texture will accumulate dust and debris.

To make matters worse, some grout varieties can yellow or discolor when exposed to the sun. The majority of customers pick a granite countertop for their outdoor kitchen since it is quite durable.

Backsplash? Yes!

Adding a stunning tile backsplash to your outdoor kitchen space will help to define it and make it appear more than just a row of countertops and appliances. You may stretch the tile all the way up the wall if your kitchen backs up to a patio wall. You may stretch the tile as high as you like if it backs up against a building wall.

Flooring? Yes!

Terra cotta tile is one of the most popular options for outdoor living space flooring. On a patio, such calm, earthy tones appear so natural and seem to invite rest. By incorporating some bright designer tiles from your backsplash into the flooring, you may add interest to a terra cotta floor and bring your outdoor living room design together. Just make sure these tiles are suitable for usage on a floor.

Details? Yes!

Once you start searching, you’ll see that there are plenty of locations where decorative tile may be tucked in to help tie your outdoor kitchen design in with the rest of your outdoor living space. For example, you may install tile beneath the counter’s lip to create a colorful border that complements your backsplash. The same tiles might also be used beneath the risers of certain outdoor staircases, around the edge of your pool surround, or on your outdoor fireplace, if you have one.