Pros and Cons of Different Tile Bodies

Tips to help you decide whether ceramic, concrete, terra cotta, or glass tile is best for your project

Cement Tile
If you’re considering tile for your next design project, you’ll soon be facing the challenge of choosing the perfect tile from the plethora of offerings on hand at showrooms like Mission Tile West. But before you choose the design of your tile, you’ll have to select a tile body, or material from which the tile is made. Here are some pros and cons of the four most popular tile bodies.

Ceramic Tile

Pros: Ceramic tile is very durable, as long as you select the correct hardness rating for your application. Tiles rated zero through two should only be used for walls, while tiles rated three through five are suitable for heavy traffic floors. Ceramic tile is very easy to install and to clean, and depending on the style of tile you choose it can be quite affordable.
Cons: One of the few cons of ceramic tile is that it can be cold underfoot, but this typically isn’t a problem in sunny southern California. Another potential drawback of ceramic tile is that tiles can vary slightly in size and color depending on which lot they came from.

Concrete Tile

Pros: Concrete or cement tile is extremely durable, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor floors. It is also pretty versatile, with options ranging from neutral tones that look almost like stone to bright, decorative tiles with Mexican or Moroccan motifs.
Cons: Concrete tiles are heavy as well as difficult to install. You’ll definitely want to enlist the help of an expert to ensure that your structure can bear the weight of the tile and that the tile is laid properly.

Terra Cotta Tile

Pros: Terra cotta tile is a very versatile and beautiful tile that can last for years when properly sealed. It looks great indoors and out, and its natural color palette complements many different design schemes.
Cons: The main drawback of terra cotta tile is that there is a tremendous variety of tiles available, and not all of them are of high-quality. If you want a terra cotta floor, countertop, or wall that will really last, be sure you buy from a trusted tile specialist like Mission Tile West.

Glass Tile

Pros: Glass tile provides a truly dazzling decorative accent for any room. It is especially nice for pool surrounds or bathrooms as it will really shimmer when wet. Glass tile is available in a huge range of colors.
Cons: Very few glass tiles are suitable for floors. They work better on walls and backsplashes. Another drawback of glass tile is that it can be expensive—often up to 5 times the cost of a basic ceramic tile.